Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lapse At The Wheel

A moment
A second
Tell us what you saw

A flounder
A mistake
Things that didn't happen

A machine
A young man
What is wrong with you

A facet
A weirdo
A label that speaks

A bandage
A hooded
Can you see your Dad

A notepad
A pencil
Time to make a change

A revol
A forty
Some of us should think

A profess
A confess
Today I have plans

I am median.

I am the first, I am the last
Once the future, now the past
Take in turns, watch me burn
Open mouth and start to laugh

Here it comes, there it went
Born of flame, yet heaven sent
Turn to crew, make a plan
Helping hands, folded and bent

More than once, shielded vein
Kneeling down, in the rain
Honours gone, now to turn
Ridicule they start to earn

Tell a name, please and so
Hear a sound and off to grow
I am wizard, plan for child
Weakness wanes, toil for mild

Monday, 28 December 2015

Sorry no posts in a while AND music links.


I apologise for my lack of posts this past long while. I've been mainly concentrating on my music and photography etc.

Hopefully I'll have some new poems soon.

I'm feeling kinda inspired....

In the meantime here's a few links to some of my music. There's lot's to choose from, 44 albums and ep's to be exact. And the best news it's all FREE. If you don't know me, then you don't know that I don't do any of this for notoriety or money. Purely cause I feel I have too. Neh, I want too. I need too.

Here's those links:

Thanks and enjoy!

Can I also just point you in the direction of a poet/writer if I've just discovered. Someone pretty special,
I discovered his work completely by chance.
His name is Andrew Darlington and here's the address of his blog. Do him, me and yourself a favour and check his work out.

Over and out of it!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Ana. Ku. Ki. Aga. Za. E.

Taffy beards
Copperopolis crowning middle ages

Creamy, dreamy assed
In uniforms to suit exchanges

Of fluids of all kinds
Between the lustful and the supplier

Alone again after numerous years
My tears won't rust my face for long gone

Be the path of heathen crestfallen
Lead bellows, lungs of narcissus

My envy has deployed, toyed
with anger and sanity

Long dayed my vanity and shaven face
I too am only human, humans.

In The End Nothing Will Remain

You are my creation
Shall I examine, ruin or

I want to see what you see
Know what pity knows,

What brings me here?
Ask the days and night
Wrong / right?

I see decades, flip
through milleniums
in minutes.

We are soloists come to destroy
Truth are the hoaxes of film directors
They have created us
And now we are come as proof of
the end of sight
Knowledge now begins.

Go Forth Into Adultery

Can't stop
Thinking of you
Driving me nuts
Got to
Do something or nothing
I am
Hesitating though
Crazy blood
Rush through grey matter
Nothing matters
Only you
Is there?

Thursday, 4 March 2010

52. Newly Fangled Canine Host

Beginning of something, per chance I say
Not this way, but any other time
I can salvage, minutes from hours
Days into, nights of floundering
Do this but once, twice, thrice
I am consulting agent, royally
Take into and spit out, what's known
The times are upon us for stitching.

There shall be no trace

“No more!” said the price-dog.

51. Television Footed

Astral tragedies
Menageries of angelic bodies
Waiting in line, for the next time
We are wanton and hungry, I tell you.

Jumped in, jumped down
W/ crowns abiding holy laws
Made for human kind and sake
The past, the present, the future, now.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

50. The Supermarket Of Possibility.

There are too many options
Limit me to one or two

I can but guess my decision
There are variables and chances

A toll taken on an innocent
Man, just trying to please

Take away this cup of choice
In a banquet of sin

Let me go blind, rather than fail
For I am realising, just now

How wrong, all along I was
I never really meandered

But meant what I thought was
Just and as learned, hard

In the supermarket of possibilities
My trolley is under equipped.

49. Good Practice

Not much
Molecular fantastico
Labels the mundane diary day

My cattle are humble
Though my balls are crowned
In nights of sulphur and orbs
Saturdays are a journey, itself

To there and back eight times
For the ability to dance
Like a rodent coasting, forth
Cast nay a stone, I tell you

That breaks a frown
Or wears a dress, messing up
For any judges sake
To quiz unholy spirits on what is...

...good practice.

48. Drinking Aerials Help

All my lovers, not my brother
In transit across
Moon quakes and angels dust
Pity those poor mites

For what has come, gone
What lay beforehand
That which transcends me now
Diseases not brought aboard

Launch desire
Intertwining limbs
Like scraped branches
Hiccuping hello and drums bang

How then? Now then! Foul in Zen
These latitudes are off kilter
Filtered daily waste
For my pension, collapsing

This that has died
Those that have come alone
To endear my name and attitude
Behaviours unknown to most.

47. Earthenware

I'm bored
Of this lure
It's boring me at all intersections

These satellites whirring round my skull
Peeled back scalp to intake
Notepads filled with slavery


Flanges and hubs.
Snubbing reverence and copious detail.

46. Lucy's Scope

No, no, no more anything
Desolation sister

Secret handshakes
Put away your suited sleeves

Lemons down the stairs
Infantile rotation

Righteous times
The correct location?

Marriage takes victim, occurs
With / without you.

45. Holy Glore

Like humans used to...
Like they/we knew to...

Then again no one does anything
Others and the jealousy that abounds

No one whispers words: “Achieve the meaning of what you are!”

The end of unkept promises
All things to cease and not deliver

Can you see your self in the last dance?
There is no good time evidently

Can you save and open curious circumstance?

Monday, 1 March 2010

44. Untitled

gastly vision
Whiskey supper
A Jesus for...
Walk with sullen feet.

43. Butt-Over

I want the shock of taking from you
Slight changes, a metamorphosis
Events into unknown meanderings

Even as I do and shall, will it be so

That I can never comprehend the shame
Of the the uttermost fate and calling
I am as a dog, short, tight leashed

Yes and that too, but over estimating the inclusive

Peel away right to collision and fame
There can be no understanding.

42. Monoliths For Easter

Don't bother linking me to evidence
Scrapes that make it work again

A deluge of wit and stars
Scars, automobiles and keyboard dirt.

“I know what you know and more”
Said the pimping master to the floor

“Oh, be good to me, my baby”
Put in storage the quips that sacrifice me.

My melodies are monoliths for Easter
Old rebel, black boots, unlaced

You need this, yes you do
Crippled pipelines and twisted phasers.

41. For As Long As I Can

Comedy from dreary florists
Ends in mass massacre
Lights off and prayers spoken.

Broken tongues and inflicted bones.

Whats more or a less a decision
Virtual cutting to the scalps
Of cowards, nevertheless.

Sacred times are upon us now.

So tonight the dogs will eat
Your final eyes, before bed
Rest in nestling graves.

To monitor the living breathers.

40. Jill of the Bees

Why you didn't come forth?
I'll never know

You where adequate
From the last step to outset

My invader has unladened
To cherish Jill of the Bees

In my fifties, nineteen Nazis
Choose solutions and evict the dead.

39. Sugar Glider II

Undefined or so
When you want the whispers back?
You'll find all things lost, friend
The fault is all mine, so come to this feeling.

I'll tell you the truth, refining
Hey, my deep inside her sugar glider
When you want my slice
Earth cabins for cheap dice.

38. When I Was The Future

Violent hope
Faithful slopes
You can't strip here, even carefully.

Not me, my Ma,
Over and out, Da
I'm taking no raps today.

This has been
Fun, 'till now
Now that I'm going away.

Time bides it's place and name.

37. Eagle Elephantine

It keeps ticking

How you decide on who lives

Let them drown but once, twice

Shaking terra firma at speed

Planets come and be amazed

I am wise, prize, disguise

Swimming 'neath your telescope

What makes mathematics of the fallen...

To maps of soul harbours

Trinkets of base metals

Petals from a black orchid

Dancing, a tonne at a time

When I grow up...

Want to be a baby elephant

Dry sand and wet dew

Decipher ancient scripts

From the time of Moses.

Friday, 5 September 2008

For the music and other stuff of Judas Vigilante aka Captain Kidder aka Joe Relic etc. go to

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

36. Tedium

Ironic reducer
Diluted his size
Micro idolatry
Got your head-money?
For yourself, for them

Baggage decays
Dull and swollen
For my conception, like he dies
A search for leisure
w/ easy muzzles
w/ no proof of denial

Promotion if you spy
On indiscriminate intercourse
But, of course, tedious though they be
I enjoy whats free
I like what I see
A zodiacs crack
A little shack, at best
From my perverse noose
w/ a rigged mortuary

A brothel once more.

35. In the long grass, small people hide

Pervertedly hung,
I've got to give it up
Become then young

Stacked and soiled
Her crucifixion blues
Her promise foiled

Let them ride
w/ pride
Seek dumb apprenticeship
w/ dizzy hands untied

Automatic inclusion
No illusions
Rise up! Rise up!
My frightening conclusions.

34. Tentative Tusks

The fold, the crotch-watching club
w/ juices for a truce

Penetrate to liberate
Masturbate w/ self, for self, by self. The doors all locked and all windows closed.
Drunken liars scream
Junkies dream as I seemed to be

These devout ninjas never fail, the failure is thine
Feel pale and hail, hail the assassin
Fallen as a refugee
Famously naked...action, addict, addicted. Contriver.
They pissed and missed the truth
Hazardous facts makes all wants pitiful.
Barbarian sluts.
Life for him is not a pretty little ditty.

His silver silhouette, colour is bland, of dust and sand.
He seeks his pardon, decides to devote his tiny mass.

So one last suck, you super sized silicone fuck
i refuse to be out of luck
And I jest not on such a deliberation.

33. Cyclops Evolution

Cyclops evolution they called her
It wasn't kind and it wasn't fair. She had become a product of their insecurities.
She had been born under an accident w/ circumstance beyond her actions.
She had a familiar scent to her lips, lips that had never been caressed by another's desire.
Her hair was always on fire. No one ever tried to quench it's boredom path.
She was always being provoked and often choked on their A-bomb lies.
She died in silence, a dozen or so times a day and was regularly raped, a dozen or so miles from her birthplace.
Her quest then took her east to the feasts of communism and oppression.
She felt at home here.
It could never be her home.



She became even easier to find and what she sought came to merely, mortally nothing.
She bowed to destiny and gave in just short of Zeus and the truth.
For the rest of her waking life, she resented her birth, her education and the defying dream scape, notions she knew too well, would come to pass.
In later years she became sour disciple and all who thought they knew her, unjustly hated her.
The 'hater' had become the 'hated'.

32. Patricide (1 and 2)


Low down dirty talk,even lower slow walk
Crawl here to your beating, apprehensive meeting.


He arrived home, I shrivelled my ego
My work then began
Fear of His/It's hand
Over productive violence gland.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

31. I am Reproducer (reducing)

I am reproducer, reducing, thunderous pulse
Introducing mallet fist and rubber skulls
I gotta stay in my bed, wet or not
On the the carriageway, I'm going factory bound

Puffer spheres and dysfunctional sausages
Claim to know what Judas sold them short of
Disco balls, get it, or not, wait a while, maybe anyways
The last of the good times are upon you

One, two, three and stop inducting
The first of the second hands that halted my foot
Christ in the same lane and I'm gonna pause
If you want me, come and excite it

T'was the best that never was at all
Hello the lonely and scoop for joyous Will
Tick tock and maybe we'll end too shortly, stately
Best of our fucks, punch dates and holding lost keys.

We do we get our nerves, refunded, changed
Come Christmas, I'll be medicated and killing
Severing toes that scrape my back, spine, splined
Then pound it out and re-record, let it sing and justify, ably.

30. Spellcheck payback

Colder than a night alone
Countless questions and not an answer to be seen
Thought of less and less now
Position is expendable, loaded up and shallow

Find me w/ her selling cheap
The things I want to take back and pretend all over
Off then to take action
To distract from large bellies and whinging whiners

That'll be the gear
The chosen upload and sacred twister path
The robots can come all they need
I got guitar and bicycles and apes and can poo.

29. She was all in white

Why I ever left you, amplified and steady going
To make room for malice and covert operations
Every time I think about UFOs
The settings, scenarios and bumper dumps

It's probably crawling paranoia
Destroying mind and going not away
On a steep incline and new next chapter
Editing our pasts like shedding pages

All then fall down and appreciate
My grace and two-faced nice little mess
Shouldn't it be slightly untold at least
These sick and meaningless meanderings

For needing never been so dependant
W/ glowing we couldn't underestimate
The blood was long gone spilt
In chambers I paid for twice and ever after.

Monday, 15 January 2007

28. Untitled have come here too?
Have you seen my Mother?
None other than It?
Zoo animal, trying to guise well
W/ no rest upon her name
No taste for my coma
My lips be dumb in comparison
For her... spine is over driven.

Then a dog urinates
A cooling flame
Upon the travelling wheel
For and to shooting food
Ripe and studied
With eyes like time
This time will be mine.

27. Untitled


Babe into boy and man into toy
I don't understand why you didn't realise
That you've rented a torture device

Let's all build a nuclear grave
To bury the living and enslave their graves
No more class one aces and helping hands to revolutions.

Yet I cannot justify myself to any great extent
For I too am pitiful, as the next
Digested in a belly full of plastic laptop ploys and charades.


Static virility, you are nothing more than a financial amount
Accounting to the distracted, requiring prof from your reflecting castle.


One track onto four tracks
Simply not subtle so don't come back
Switch off! Please switch what you are off!
Return to receive your children.


Maternal chains
She has pains
Still she never complains about...
...the humdrum existence
The nuisance of it all
Doesn't mind the stains
But gropes my charity
In her homeland.


Let us toast, ladies and gentlemen
The whore, the victim, the sinner, all winners
It has to be someone, somewhere
How you stare into vague responses
Your shit pit concerns me not

be thankful therefore, tonight and also for a long time to come
That The Fraudulent Ones are condemning elsewhere.

26. Untitled


Dark ocean scenario
Deep drownings
Whirlpool beasts inhabit this land
Quickly, grow your wings and be gone
Save your self
Save your wealth, habits and memories
Tell others of this place
Do not forget us who remain.


The riot
Black and whites
A marriage of wrong and right
People are running outside
Keep of the grass please!
All through the night they throw their lies at each other
Sister versus sister
Brother versus brother.


What can we do today that we didn't do yesterday?
Here in this repetition asylum
Electric eclectic
Over the face of new challenges
Zeal, like fresh fruit unpicked
Anguish beyond all comparison
I still smell you in my dreams
I still will kill you in my genes

In thought of killing is thought of ownership
I am bigger, I am stronger
I am winner, I am prize.
Cold eyes.


Her image dies and with it goes normality, peace and empathy
She always said that her death would be caused by a collaboration of all the hatred everyone had for her.
The feud is now over.


Mistaken winner is sinner
We observe this coup
We breath the fumes of cheaters
Alcoholics and wife beaters.

Saturday, 13 January 2007

25. Untitled


Bullet weed, silent torches
Questions, unrehearsed
Pull my plug my patricidic pastor
Watch me float the torpedoes


Sleeping on the rehab slab
I dabbled and daily died
In keeping with my dear old dad
I bubbled up and deeply cried.


Forfeit my dire persuasive
Holy hell and what has come?
Ready, steady...bang...bang...bang!
I sense a lack a day and aim weakened.


She said that if he loved her, he would ask her to marry him.
He told her that he did not love her yet as they had only known each other
a relatively short time.
She still, never the less, insisted that he propose to her and added that if he did not,
she would kill herself.
He laughed this off as crazy talk and replied again that they should wait and let
nature take it's course. Love cannot be rushed nor forced.
She was oblivious, still, to his words and demanded that they be wed.
She didn't seem to realise that what she felt was not how he felt. It was currently a one way thing.
He sympathised with her, he liked her a great deal, until today that was, but what she asked was not what was in his heart.
It didn't feel right and the beauty he had seen in her now seemed a million miles away.
True to her word a few days later she committed suicide.
An overdose on booze and pills.
She had either went crazy with adoration for him or just simply unhinged completely.
Whatever the cause was, it didn't matter, she had done what she had said she would do and he couldn't believe it.
he could not comprehend it nor come to terms with it and for an eternal few months he relived that day over and over in his head.
Slowly but surely, the whole scenario as crazy as it was, it sent him slowly mad. he began
to believe that the whole thing was his fault and consequently suffered two nervous breakdowns.
Not only had she destroyed her own life and the happiness of her family, but she now had destroyed her true love.
The end result being, that after several spells in psychiatric hospitals, he too committed suicide.
An overdose on pills and booze.

24. Untitled


Where is my ugly godling?
Is it sulking?
What a beautiful immaculate deception
Right here on planet Abortion

Small comforts
Small, tiny wonders
Grovel babies, go to Mama
Intercept all coming comers that come


Orificer, hello. hello
Have you come to torment me
Like you do so badly
You and your hesitant twitches
Ironic producer


Socket convertible
I am not a European nor able
For a sick fucktuation
Backbreaking and impossible
Liberalise me with flavours
Into my membranes, my sanctums
What a wargasm I'll deliver
So your devils take the hindmost.
So you know
Just so.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

23. She bleeds minefields

She bleeds minefields
It's her lingering habit
Done it lately
When out of sight
Sells her own
For what she's shown

She bleeds minefields
Hope it's soon or never
Found me broken
Abruptly corrupted
Gave all away
Doesn't have much to say

Mother my lover
But for you I am going, going, gone

She bleeds minefields
Dies like she lives
Such a confuser
And still I cannot elude
being the failing son
The first and last bullet in the gun

She bleeds minefields
Was born a shaven slave
W/ monotonous changes
Bland tunes we are
Always on a night shift
Finds ways for my soul drift

Mother my lover
But for you I am going, going, gone

Secret appliance
Youthful alliance
Suckled defiance
She becomes my earth

Mother my lover
But for you I am going, going, gone.

22. Scenario G

Far out in pussy land
A single man lost his hands
Folly for a dolly
Died a pretty penny in Polly

Not the time
Not a rhyme
Deceased scarlet ape monk
Turned the junky pager

I wish you the best
I wish you the worst

Deep down and dangerous
Obvious too
Will you go to these places
Will you want to know new faces

21. My Mega Queen Has Been

Divided we fall, falling apart and so to suffer onto me
Schizo, schizophrenia, the difference
A naked shunt toward a cruel downshift
Under a downer, over an overcoming train

Take your avoidance and artworks, my sorrow too
W/ velvet stitch's I reenact the shakes
In a one way planetary system of how much more
After burning the ugly daisy about nothing

The leeches and the cave fish can go free flow
Passing through me in the glad light
Blister and scratch in a land of monkey cocoons
Rhino lung, Protector of the Universe

Six and six and six hence forth
Became a neanderthal vigilante vigil
Thirty-seven and thirteen were so solitary
My Mega Queen Has Been.

20. I didn't want to travel

I stole a decade while you sank
I borrowed your nipples and sorely drank
In the event of servitude, bring your gratitude
And when the beggars burn, don't please be cruel

I endorse the northern and the scum demise
I see the fled in a widowers eyes
Naked America and all her whores
Supercharged V8.

19. The Re-run Rats

The re-run rats have come inside again
Retrospective satori

Saving grace for the idiot savant
Startling hearts

Let down my thrusts to tremble and risk
You're weird you weirdo

So trumps to the tremendous aloft
Empty headed runaway.

As this will become our earth to bum
Dig in the dirt.

18. I...end

Swig jug, nice and snug
Beggar boy, be a better mug
Acrobatic swimming sinner
No one really loves a winner
Golden seed river
T'ward the land of never
I address you
I encompass
I impress you
I undress
Then I shrivel
The shank
Sorry, for I drank my health away
I wilt, on silver stilts
Fated and out-dated

17. Sperm brained

I, the semen dreamer
Disbelieving echo show
They look at me in surprise
w/ their angelic spies
I, the unforgiven
A fan, a man
A boy, a toy
A big black rubber and leather, feathered erotic ploy
I am ironic masturbation
Crooked sin sensation
A wet pouch
A moist muffler
A mingling miffler
For today, I...
I will drown in a pit of it's juices.

16. Untitled


Whose idea was God?
Bible dictation?


Guide my breath through evolutionary windows
While Jesus rides by...shamed at creation

Confide in my wealth
w/ quick and nimble foresight
For they come, soon and will judge all judges
Will you prosecute or defend?

Make amends?
Make u-turns
Right through the night until the end is all
And sweet release will be my peace.


Several died yesterday and the day before
I then tomorrow

Now that all the saints have gone...
Who are we to gaze into virgin souls?

15. Untitled

The end that never comes...
Inside the Holy Pigs
The godsend of karma cum
W/ the bride upon the figs

Her brain tattoo, you
Stemmed from the muzzled Lords
Like a stun gunned choir
High rain
Free pollutant...
slow cessation.

14. Untitled


Sold my remedy,
So put away your put downs.


Set on fire, solitaire evenings
Bleed for me, heart of stone
Feed the soul w/ Mr. Mojo majesty
W/ outbreaks of sensual puppetry.


Swing from the halo that never adorned your 'home'


The fear of the sun...lost in your smile
Locked in a cage...and dead all the while.

13. Sugar Riot

Fuss over nothing
Excuses for erected anger
Burn my cares
Learn my dares

Primitive vocations
Sleek and bent backwards
So you say
So I pay

Not about art
Everything is nominal
Told you late
Sold you fate

Eventful meals
Quibbles, still we do
Make up
Break up.

12. Untitled


In ages gone and so far all along...
They violated my maternity and stole my song

They prayed to each other, for each other
Those among the holy crowd
Reptilian and aloud

Well, well, well...

Feel the scene then of a beggars charm
He found God w/ a needle in his arm
No sweet decay
No stifled replay
Fly w/ the storms my greatest of the lesser ones


In end, the truth
Blender-blood for keepsake
Serpentine trophy.

11. Untitled


I am perfect distress
Out to impress
I beg to creativity and snub sick establishment
I, yet, am zero
As Nero.


The hunter is hungry
The kill is sustenance
Games are deadly dance.


Never mind stature
Maturity and wisdom beckons
Like ancient crimes
merry rhymes.


Toward enemy beds
The spy istransparent data
Secret lover
Timid excitement.


Alive we are, today
But at what cost we play?
We are thieves to nature
The rape of our Mothers and death to all others.


Is us.

10. The Monodist

I am monodist
in your room
I unload...
my Mohammadian querries
It's not easy for I...
For I....
I am your gods rival
Anti-christ survival.

9. Fussy fusion

There's a lucid Indian and a bird-like creature
There's a raping laughter, eating at itself
There's a god down under, tanned and cancerous
There's much talk of nothing, while we wait

There's a sleep, arisen, stumbling into shadow wake
There's fury, fixed hurry, to keep the nude motionless
There's a flicker in the sun, and it stinks of silver
There's a cheap glamour, and poverty is it's language

There's a cleavage never seen, nestled in a crib of modesty
There's a talent for life, wasted on television
There's a slave in the west, and Billion is it's name
There's a bottle in a racists face, pretty isn't it?

There's a boy next door, corrupted on notion
There's a broken image, w/ white noise senses
And all can be yours.

8. Coma shame

We laugh into coma
We watch your grovelling disciple try
We are pretense control
Your thought of us is wasted
We are tennants of paradise
We feast upon ebony and stark surprise
We have become decadent and tame
Blessed by shame.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

7. Pod

As childhood prison, collecting colours
Scarlet walls, scripts of myth and legend

This is home, or someone
Like the river, upon shed bones

Nominal Dad, Mega-sonic negativity
Napalm breath, so obvious

Eager judgement, pale decline
Ill figures, like a pencil death

Creation, mistaken, under sham of hope
End of alure, or just what?

Creeping wedge, not named
She is nature, beyond any and all questions.

6. Untitled

To the liar, truth is disguise, an invisible mask to their spirit windows
Like cheap sunglasses, he cares for them, feeds them, intermittently
Keeping them eager for flight
But with action falsehood dies, drowning in self-depreciation
Who then surrenders to fan club?
Who worships?
He who believes and follows is as liar and will sink
Pulled down by circumstance
Enjoy their affections, their attentions
Like an inflated penis ghost
Soft skulled and numb to the dull everlasting
Quench your desires then in the deepest, darkest
And endure the Bitchpig and her hatred
For reasons sake
Your sake.

5. Swallow

Swallow deep, Mothers juice
It's the truth and is pure
Taught to rape, causiously forgotten
Secret dogs, withered voices
Sirens ahead and too late for mistakes
To appease the nun that is grace-faced and innocent
Like an intimate lung
It comes from her and she cares for it.

4. Perception kicks

A sucking sensation, a germ-trick vacation
Hummer reflections
Weary stare or do they care?
White room blues
For L.S.D. no longer cares for me and me and me
No terms from every firm hand gland
All day, every day
You are warned and unlearned
On your cause, 'cause?
Long pause.......waiting for your comedown
Praying for your comeback
Aware, asudden, of the odds stacked up against you
Like you up against yourself
So, into the sky
Into the sky.

3. Rich Emmanuelle

Rich Emmanuelle, swell, blister
Marry my sister, be astonished

Rich Emmanuelle, peel it back
Cut me my slack, owed and learned

Rich Emmanuelle, Uncle undercover
My ventured lover, protect and serve

Rich Emmanuelle, hell-bent ages
Charcoal pages, come entered unannounced

Rich Emmanuelle, sweet bloody suckle
Bruising belt buckle, hooded crimes

Rich Emmanuelle, the wind blows to still
W/ hazardous pills, deadly guise

Rich Emmanuelle, decisive plans
From idle hands, pervert politics

Rich Emmanuelle, brain tattoo
Stained taboo, quickened needles

2. Razorblade Lover

Razorblade lover
Abscent vanity
A thousand years ago
In yellow rain-stained insanity

He, the last moments
We are plenty
Beyond, but soon
The moons will be all empty

Purple lance, fallen
Timeless future star
Pink ribbon stitch
Sex is from afar

Magic trick signal
W/ spark alure
He becomes fate
His faith thus pure.

1. Tragic Rat Magic

Divine rodentia
Gnawing, clawing, congregating
Swarming vampire nation
Diseased sensation

Passive obsessive
Fever for forever
One amongst the sane
Rodent rivers reign

Tragic insight
Last but never least
Civilian hungershow
Naked rodeo flow

Godless timer
Secret lovers out of sight
Natures foulest rule the night.